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Reliable business communication.

Reliable business communication.

ABOUT sweep

Who –

Andy Woods – after 20+ years of networking, infrastructure, virtualization and server administration experience, Andy Woods is a director of Sweep and is all about the detail. 100% involved and responsible for the engineering decisions throughout Sweep, but also able to get out to see customers and go through project plans, building networks and resolving puzzling situations for clients.

Andy is a gym junkie, with cross fit and the great outdoors as major components to keeping a healthy lifestyle and balance.


Chris Lang – also after 20 + years diverse experience in the electrical/ electronic industry, beginning with the RNZAF in 1996, through a number of other communication providers in the early 2000’s, and onto starting Telcotech NZ in 2004. PABX systems and communications became the focus. Today Sweep is technically an ITSP (Internet Telephony Service Provider) however that is even becoming more diverse with other applications and options capable of being delivered to end customers.

Chris is an endurance athlete, who spends a fair bit of time training for half ironman type events. getting out on the bike for a few hours clears the mind and soul.


Where – Based on Auckland’s North Shore, Sweep is a small family based company wholly owned and operated in Auckland NZ. Sweep can deliver circuits and lines into most metro and regional areas of New Zealand and Australia on the back of our upstream provider’s networks. Vibe Communications and Vector Communications are our main partners and offer a wealth of high-end technical and industry resource when required.

The data centre locations where core network equipment is housed vary. but for commercial reasons, will say they are in Auckland. Customers can choose from a number of locations, that may be more useful for their own in-house IT staff to access. i.e. North Shore/Albany, rather than East Tamaki, if the customer operates in Takapuna.


What – Sweep is a professional, business focused ITSP that’s not scared of getting involved and solving problems for customers large and small.

Based on approx 40years combined experience of working with small to medium business clients around NZ. and quite a few enterprise customers….  We work alongside existing IT support staff, and fill the gaps where required. We speak the language they understand having been involved in customer equipment onsite and in data centres. Knowing what is actually necessary, and qualifying customer requirements is a huge strength. getting it right means performance is great, and customer isn’t paying through the nose for unneccessary products and services.

Sweep will always sum things up clearly and simply for business owners and CFO’s alike. Our aim is to bring enterprise experience and ideas to small/ medium NZ & AUS business

Customer testimony/referral is our best marketing tool. Most of our clients have been with us for over ten years, through multiple system swaps and transitions with the technology changing over time. The industry is under constant change, and figuring out how to leverage that change for the best customer outcome is something we pride ourselves on highly.


Why –  We’d heard from our existing clients about poor experiences they’d had elsewhere, and the same question kept coming up over and over again… why aren’t we able to provide  and fix the bits other telcos were providing. so now we can.

Sweep aims to add value by being hardworking and just straight out knowing what is going on end to end! No shirking responsibilities, no sales team, just solutions and solid problem-solving.


How – To start an ITSP? That’d be telling. If it was easy, everyone would be doing it. and they’d have to spend 40 years in the industry to figure out what we’ve had to do to get to this point. With a strong background in networking, and communications, it was a natural progression to offer network connectivity options to clients, and wrap exceptional technical service to top it all off.


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