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Reliable business communication.

Business Continuity & Planning

Making and having a contingency plan is extremely important for any business. Lost productivity, data, equipment can be catastrophic to a business of any size or operation.


These days, it’s not really OK to ignore the risks of these losses when there are so many technologies and equipment available to help mitigate the risks to your business. The cost of mitigating the risks versus the cost of recovering from a major failure are significantly different.


The overall strategy should be explored, to establish where your core infrastructure should reside. With the advent of the cloud, there are many options from local onshore NZ based hosting, to large scale hosting options offshore, and mixed options with an onsite server and offsite disaster recovery servers able to run your business should the onsite resource be taken offline.

UPS (uninterruptible power supplies) are a good first step to protecting onsite equipment from power failures and fluctuations. These devices protect you from lost productivity, data loss and equipment loss when comparing to just connecting straight to the mains power.



If you don’t have a business continuity plan in place or don’t know where to start? Please give us a call, as a few hours planning and some investment in equipment or equipment structure/ hosting could make all the difference in a time of major power outage, natural disaster or another unexpected event.

We will tailor a plan to your needs and budget, to ensure you have the most appropriate plan in place.


For more information on the models of UPS units available from SWEEP, click here.