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Reliable business communication.

Reliable business communication.

Hosting & Backup

If you need to have your IT equipment in a secure data centre, we can supply and provision anything from 1 rack space unit with a single power feed all the way through to a full rack of servers consuming up t0 30kW on A+B redundant power feeds.


Offsite data backup storage is available on our ZFS/ SAN  Infrastructure at extremely competitive rates. No more stress about “Where’s my data actually going to in the cloud?!!!” easy… we can even give you a guided tour of the data centre and show you the physical device that’s hosting your data.


If you need your own secure rack and 24/7 access unattended, that’s easy too. A site induction would be completed by you/ your IT staff, and you’d be issued with a security access card and keys to get into the data centre and specific rack location for your equipment.

Our engineers can be booked to assist with work in the data centre, or if you’re self-sufficient that’s absolutely fine too.